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Friday, July 28, 2017

Quantum Split - America (2017)

Written by Jay Snyder, posted by blog admin

It’s fitting that Quantum Split hails from New York City.  The endless music clubs, the rich scene of performance and entertainment, the allure of the nightlife and the fact that tons of artists from the city go on to conquer nationally… it’s the perfect breeding ground for the dark, smoky soul-rock of this soul/rock quartet. 

This band has been making a name for themselves through frequent, visceral live performances and America is the band’s debut recording; a 2-track EP brimming with powerful melodies and rugged guitar rock that really stirs a fire in the soul.  The title track kicks things off and showcases the band’s strengths in a concise, succinct 4 minute rocker.  Opening with subdued guitar melancholy and pulsating drum/bass swing, the band sounds as if they would positively own any club they play, especially in a midnight spot.  Their music is uplifting but is charged with a slinking darkness that never lets up.  As the dynamo vocals work their way into your head, the music suddenly shifts into a slamming, dirty riff that is of a deadlier persuasion.  It’s not common for a soul band to graft Led Zeppelin and Cream styled metallic thunder onto their sexy sounds but Quantum Split have no qualms with doing so.  There’s even some squealing, edgy Jimmy Page-esque solos to feast your ears upon.  Vocalist/guitarist/band mastermind Soleil Laurent has a booming, heart-pounding range to her voice and she runs roughshod on this track with infectious melodies, intense solo leaned showcases and powerhouse crooning that is unrelenting in its amazing grace.  “Runaway” is an equally captivating piece that also teeter the balance; somber, soft and soulful one moment with echoing guitar figures, deep bass melodies and killer pocket drumming and the next it drops an atom bomb of fuzzy riffs, punchy beats and walking bass licks.  It’s this refusal to settle into one exact identity that makes Quantum Split such a pleasure to listen to.  

America’s only failing is that there simply isn’t more of it.  Quantum Split is going to be an awesome “album” band.  You can tell that fact just from the two songs on here.  Maybe soul and heavy rock were never supposed to marry,  but try to convince Quantum Split of that.  This band shows no weaknesses when tackling any style of material that they desire.  America is just a taste of what’s to come and let’s hope this band has a long, rewarding career ahead of them.  I think that they do. 

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